Trade-Up Program

Enjoy the latest products! 

Existing users can get the most current products through our Trade-Up Program and enjoy the latest product upgrades and features.

The Revolabs Solo™ Executive and Executive HD™ Trade-Up Program offers current users the latest Revolabs products by issuing a credit to those who meet the specified criteria. 

Requirements for a Solo™ Executive or Executive HD™ Trade-Up

  • The customer must have a fully functional 4 or 8 channel Solo™ or Executive HD™ system.
  • Revolabs encourages customers to purchase equipment with an equal or higher number of channels from the HD™ or Elite™ product lines to replace their Solo™ Executive or Executive HD™ system. Any customer upgrading from an 8 channel system to a smaller 4 channel system would only receive trade-in credit equal to a 4 channel system, not an 8 channel system.
  • The customer must purchase a 3 year revoCARE on all replacement upgraded products.
  • When the trade-up request is approved, the customer must return via a Revolabs-generated RMA the following items IN WORKING CONDITION with serial numbers matching the form entries:
    • Solo™ Executive or Executive HD™ base/receiver unit(s).
    • 4 or 8 slot charging tray(s) for those Solo™ or HD™ base unit(s).
    • Solo™ or HD™ microphones. The number of microphones must match the number of channels on the base/receiver unit. (4 mics with a 4 channel, 8 mics with an 8 channel)
    • RMA number received from Revolabs for the trade should be clearly marked and visible on the RMA return packaging.

Download Trade-up Form

4 & 8 Channel
Wireless Microphone System

Executive Elite™

Executive Elite™

»  Boardroom: Boardroom-ready design fits into any enterprise environment.

»  Convenience: Local and remote management options. Cloud based management allows integrators to offer managed services.

»  Future Proof: Utilizing the DECT protocol protects your investment against radio frequency changes.

»  Secure: AES-256 encryption with automatic key updates every few minutes gives highest possible security.

»  The Freedom of Wireless: Cut the cord for the freedom of mobility without sacrificing audio quality.

»  Crystal-Clear Audio: Be heard with unmatched audio quality.

»  Density: High number of wireless microphones active at the same time.

»  Simplicity: Distributed architecture allows separation of audio equipment from radio equipment.

»  Extendibility: Even large one room or multi room installations can be configured and managed.

»  No GSM Interference: Revolabs wireless microphones are impervious to GSM noise from other wireless electronic devices.

»  Rechargeable: Save the expense of daily battery replacement and inconvenience of bulky battery packs.

»  Flexibility: Can be mixed and matched with a variety of Revolabs Elite™ microphones.